Transforming Dining Experiences with an Innovative Ordering System

Flexiata Project

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Project Duration :

12 weeks

Go4Eats : Transforming Dining Experiences with an Innovative Ordering System

Go4Eats is an innovative ordering system designed to streamline restaurant operations and enhance the dining experience for customers. Leveraging QR code technology, the system allows patrons to access the restaurant's menu directly on their mobile devices, place orders conveniently, and benefit from automatic discounts and coupons.

Case Study : Go4Eats - Ordering System for Restaurants

System Overview :

  • System Name : Go4Eats
  • Industry : Restaurant and Hospitality
  • Challenge : To optimize the ordering process, manage payments efficiently, and provide a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant staff.
  • Solution : The development of the Go4Eats ordering system with a focus on QR code integration, diverse payment options, and comprehensive admin functionalities.

Objective :

Go4Eats aimed to revolutionize the restaurant industry by addressing the challenges associated with traditional ordering methods. The primary goal was to enhance customer convenience, improve order management for restaurant staff, and provide valuable insights through analytics.

Proposed Solution:

Developing a robust e-commerce website that serves as a one-stop destination for luxury hospitality products. The key components of the proposed solution include:

  1. Customer-Facing Features :
    • QR Code Menu Access : Customers scan QR codes on tables to access the menu on their mobile devices.
    • Category-Wise Ordering : Users can place orders based on categories for a streamlined selection process.
    • Automatic Discounts : Applicable discounts and coupons are automatically applied to the bill.
  2. Payment Options :
    • Online Payment Gateways : Integration with PayHere and WebXPay for secure online transactions.
    • Cash Payments : Customers have the flexibility to choose cash payments.
  3. Location-Based Accessibility :
    • System accessible within 100m of the restaurant for in-house patrons.
    • Order history and profile customization for customers.
  4. Admin Panel Dashboard :
    • Display of daily target sales, income, customer count, and monthly sales analytics.
    • Insights into trending items, recent orders, and overall order statistics.
  5. Order Management :
    • View daily orders with details such as table, customer name, payment status, time, and total amount.
    • Cashier functionality to accept or reject mobile orders.
    • Bulk payment option for multiple orders at once.
  6. Menu and Discounts Management :
    • Add and manage menu items with details like name, category, price, description, availability, and preparation time.
    • Create and manage categories, discounts for selected items, or cart-wide discounts.
  7. Reports Section :
    • Customer reports with date, customer name, order count, and total amount.
    • Downloadable reports for customer activity and order history.
  8. System Configuration :
    • Update restaurant details, including name, address, website, contact information, and operating hours.
    • General settings for app theme color, accepted currency, service charge fee, VAT fee, and payment methods.
    • User management with role assignments (admin, cashier, etc.).
  9. Additional System Features :
    • QR code generator for table-specific codes.
    • Meal size categories, menu extras, coupon management, and time slot configurations.
    • Terms and condition settings covering service policies, payment policies, and other relevant information.

Results :

  • Improved customer experience with streamlined ordering.
  • Increased operational efficiency for restaurant staff.
  • Enhanced analytics for better decision-making.
  • Flexible payment options catering to customer preferences.

Conclusion :

The implementation of the Go4Eats ordering system has successfully addressed the challenges faced by traditional restaurant operations. By integrating modern technology, the system has not only improved the overall dining experience but also provided valuable insights and operational efficiencies, positioning Go4Eats as a leader in the restaurant and hospitality industry.