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The Flexiata team has solid expertise in application development, ranging from mobile, web, all the way up to full-fledged enterprise applications, DevOps, and cloud development.


For automation and integration of process between IT teams and software to facilitate streamlined, continuous deployment.


We offer you expert opinions on every aspect when developing your software.


Creating integrated development environments, source code, and all configuration management in the cloud..

Mobile Development

The Flexiata team develops world-class mobile applications whether it is iOS, Android, or cross-platform.



Flexiata specializes in tailor-made software development, offering bespoke solutions designed to precisely fit the unique needs and goals of businesses. With a focus on customization, Flexiata crafts software that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, enhances efficiency, and addresses specific challenges faced by clients.

From concept to implementation, Flexiata's expert team collaborates closely with clients to ensure the software aligns perfectly with their requirements, leading to increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Choose Flexiata for personalized software solutions that empower your business to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly changing digital environment.



In an era where operational efficiency and quality outcomes are paramount, our software consultancy stands out with its sustainable approach. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and objectives, which allows us to craft a proactive strategy. Our method involves assembling a specialized team, handpicked for their relevant experience and knowledge.

This targeted expertise ensures that your goals are met with precision and efficiency, utilizing fewer resources. Our commitment to sustainability not only minimizes operational costs but also fosters a productive and forward-thinking environment for your projects. Choose our consultancy for solutions that are as responsible as they are effective.


Cloud Migration

If you are in need of transferring your applications, associated data, or any other resources from on-premises data centers all the way up to the cloud, our team got the perfect blend of expertise.

You should consider moving your data to the cloud for multiple different reasons. With years of experience in cloud migration, we know that cloud infrastructure will take your organization into new levels of agility. In addition to this, the simplicity in cloud solutions drives operational efficiency.

When our team lays their hands on a cloud migration project, they carefully lay out and devise a cloud migration strategy. During this process, we discuss amongst the team what applications should be moved and considers all possible circumstances associated with it.


Systems Infrastructure

With businesses going global, your system infrastructure is expected to fit and match international standards. This is to make sure it is secure, robust, and scalable. It takes a group of specialists to maintain this status.

A systems infrastructure foundation could encapsulate core networks, virtual components, software, hardware, databases, data warehouses, processes, and procedures. This is an infrastructure that should be managed by specialists. It is not advisable to rely on a layman to establish or maintain such complex system infrastructures.

Setting up a powerful systems infrastructure requires planning a steady and dependable execution. In order for your system infrastructure solution to be future proof, the infrastructure setup should be robust. When organizations become more mature and technology advances, a variety of infrastructure types could be used. Our experts are aware of the infrastructure types, its breakdown, and the applications of each. With our expertise, your business can receive an optimized, maintainable system infrastructure.


Web Development

Flexiata has the tools, capabilities, and the know-how coupled with years of experience, to deliver exceptional web solutions.

In today’s world, every business requires an online presence to establish credibility, market your business, and provide direction to the consumer.

Our development team works with an array of cutting edge technologies to develop the websites with the latest technical capabilities available. With the rise of the digital age advancements, the Flexiata team also broadens their technical knowledge, tools, and capabilities to deliver perfect solutions. Furthermore, our design and research processes anticipate gaining a good understanding of the end customer of your tech solution.


Ecommerce Web Applications

Flexiata offers comprehensive business consulting and development services to create a whole new range of opportunities for your business via an eCommerce store.

eCommerce is the new way of shopping and it is your virtual outlet! It offers businesses a wide reach and a plethora of opportunities when done right. It enables monetization really quickly – whether it is a small or a medium business.

Whether it is a Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer or any other type of e-commerce business, Flexiata has the most tailored eCommerce website design and development approaches. Our design and development methods enable achieving strategic success.


UI/UX Design

User Interface & User Experience is something we take great pride in doing. Simply because our UI/UX engineers have the best design taste!

It is important to remember that the right UI/UX design will bring in more customers, generate customer loyalty, and cutback any customer complaints. Getting UI UX right is a continuous process of learning and feedback.

The perfect design for you cannot fit into any “box”. Although there is no magic formula, the Flexiata team practices the usability engineering lifecycle. Just like we test out any piece of developed code, we also test out designs. By doing so, our team aids you in avoiding problems that may be otherwise encountered too late, by producing an all-inclusive design. This saves you from huge price tags. The interactive design prototypes we produce will give you a real look and feel of your end product.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

As the name suggests, a Content Management System enables you to easily create, manage, and control the content on your website or web application.

You don’t have to worry about getting a developer to change content for you. You can easily do this for yourself with a CMS. With our CMS solutions, you will be in charge of your website and it’s back-end processes to meet your end user’s expectations, with a well thought out content strategy.

Our team will be with you to develop a system that meets your requirements a hundred percent. We go that extra mile to ensure you have all the control you need. Based on your needs and your budget, we come up with technically feasible solutions that enable you to have all your core functionality.


SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the specialized means by which your website’s visibility can be increased upon searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo! or any other search engine.

SEO optimization is one of the main reasons why businesses are successful at present. Rarely do a person click on the second page of a search result. Have you? Amongst the billions of searches a day, if your website appears on the first page of the result, you will see solid results!

Search engines are intelligent. So is our team. We at Flexiata understand the various algorithms and techniques the search engine giants such as Google use to rank web pages. In other words, we are SEO experts! Flexiata has capitalized on the powerful tactics in achieving record-breaking SEO results.

By implementing robot directives, structured data, meta tags, and other technical elements the right way, the ranking eventually gets better. Hence SEO optimization employs the use of a variety of online and offline techniques to achieve this objective.


Digital Marketing

Social Media Management: Our team specializes in crafting and managing your social media profiles across various platforms. We engage with your audience, create captivating content, and build a community around your brand. By analyzing social media trends and insights, we tailor strategies to boost your online presence, ensuring consistent growth and engagement.

Digital Advertising: We elevate your business through targeted digital advertising. Our approach includes creating compelling ad campaigns across search engines and social media channels. We focus on optimizing your ad spend, ensuring high ROI through detailed analytics, keyword research, and audience segmentation. Our expertise in PPC (pay-per-click), display ads, and retargeting campaigns drives traffic and conversions, making your brand stand out in the digital space.

Branding: At the heart of our services is branding. We understand the power of a strong brand identity in the digital world. Our team works with you to develop a unique brand voice, visual elements, and messaging that resonate with your target audience. We ensure consistency across all digital platforms, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. From logo design to brand storytelling, we provide a comprehensive suite of branding solutions to create a lasting impression on your customers.


Web Hosting Solutions

Flexiata works with you to understand the needs of your site or application to provide top-notch web hosting solutions.

Detailed the requirement of the website is, the better we can find a suitable solution. This is why we collaboratively figure this out to provide optimized web hosting solutions.

At Flexiata , we take security, data, and many other factors seriously. Hence, we work through agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLA) with total transparency and assure your safety a hundred percent.

Hence, we guarantee the provision of reliable hosting solutions for our customers via a wide range of web hosting solutions.


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