Property Management System

Client :

Proppel Pty Ltd

Category :

Property Management System

Project Duration :

48 weeks

Proppel - Property Management System

Proppel, a cutting-edge Property Management System, stands as a pivotal solution in the Australian real estate landscape. Designed to empower property owners with comprehensive tools, Proppel offers both an intuitive client panel for users and an efficient admin panel for system administrators. With a commitment to excellence and user-centricity, Proppel redefines property management, bringing a wealth of features to streamline tasks, enhance decision-making, and offer valuable insights.

Case Study : Proppel - Property Management System

System Overview :

  • System Name : Proppel
  • Industry : Property Management System
  • Location : Australia
  • System Components : Admin Panel, Client Panel

Objective :

The primary objective of Proppel is to revolutionize property management by providing users with a robust, user-friendly platform. Proppel aims to empower property owners in Australia to efficiently manage their portfolios through a feature-rich client panel, offering detailed insights into property details, finances, and maintenance. Through systematic organization and insightful analytics, Proppel strives to enhance the overall property management experience, enabling users to make informed decisions and achieve optimal outcomes for their real estate investments.

Client Panel Features :

  1. Property Management :
    • Add and manage properties with details like address, type, purpose, purchase price, market value, bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, land size, and features.
    • Include property images and update details anytime.
  2. Rental Details :
    • Add rental information, including type, agent details, tenant information, lease dates, payment details, and status.
    • Import rental data via Excel sheets.
  3. Mortgage Details :
    • Record mortgage details such as type, financial institution, start and end dates, interest information, loan account number, and more.
    • Differentiate mortgage types (interest only, interest principle, split loan) and further categorize split loans.
  4. Expenses :
    • Log property-related expenses, including agent fees, water, and electricity charges.
  5. Documents :
    • Upload and view documents such as rent statements, loan bank statements, council rate bills, insurance documents, and more.
  6. Assets and Depreciation :
    • Store asset details, depreciation schedules, and view depreciation amounts for the past 10 years and upcoming 40 years.
  7. Issues Management :
    • Track property issues with details like type, estimated cost, identification date, photos, documents, and status.
  8. Insurance Details :
    • Manage property insurances with type, insurer, policy details, start and end dates, premium information, and payment frequency.
  9. Media Gallery :
    • Organize property photos, images, and plan images.
  10. Suppliers and Contacts :
    • Add suppliers like agents, banks, government councils, electricity providers, and rate their performance.
  11. Todo List :
    • Create tasks with date, responsibility, reminders, sync with Google Calendar, task description, and memo.
  12. My Documents and Suppliers :
    • View all documents and suppliers related to all properties in one place.
  13. End of Financial Year (EOFY) Reports :
    • Generate and print reports summarizing the whole year for all user properties.
  14. New in Development :
    • Track features under development, including category, function, and percentage completed.
  15. Propel Policies and Learning Articles :
    • Access and search system policies; read learning articles for knowledge gathering.
  16. Portfolio Scenario Calculator :
    • Determine affordability based on interest rates; evaluate positives and negatives with rate changes.
  17. Mobile App :
    • Proppel mobile app under development for convenient client access.

Admin Panel Features :

  1. Customer Management :
    • View customer details, rankings (Gold, Bronze, Silver), and active property counts.
    • Access customer data, including DOB, mobile number, email, and login history.
  2. System Data Management :
    • Admins manage the 'Can I Afford' calculator, data on councils, taxes, commercial and residential depreciable assets, and system picklists
  3. Dashboard and Analytics :
    • View monthly subscriber charts.
    • Manage system notifications for subscribers.
  4. Issue Management :
    • Track and filter Proppel issues (fixed, open).
    • Send notifications to clients regarding issue resolution.
  5. Knowledgebase Management :
    • Add and edit Proppel Learning articles for client education

Results :

  • Improved property management efficiency for clients.
  • Streamlined tracking of rentals, mortgages, expenses, and assets.
  • Enhanced communication through documents, media galleries, and issue tracking.
  • Comprehensive financial analysis with the Portfolio Scenario Calculator.
  • Learning resources for clients through Proppel Learning articles.

Conclusion :

The Proppel Property Management System offers a comprehensive solution for property owners in Australia, streamlining property management tasks, financial tracking, and providing valuable insights. With both a client panel and an admin panel, the system is designed for user-friendly property management and efficient administration. The ongoing development of a mobile app indicates a commitment to enhancing user accessibility.