Survey and Data Management System

Client :

Nautilus Media Group

Category :

Survey and Data Management System

Project Duration :

28 weeks

Plezed - Survey and Data Management System

Plezed is a sophisticated platform designed to empower organizations with the ability to create, manage, and analyze surveys tailored to their unique needs. This system ensures data privacy, customization, and seamless collaboration for organizations across various sectors.

Case Study : Plezed - A Comprehensive Survey and Data Management System

System Overview :

  • Platform Name : Plezed
  • Industry : Survey and Data Management Services
  • Problem : The need for a tailored platform where organizations can create, manage, and analyze surveys securely.
  • Solution : Plezed, a unique platform offering personalized survey creation, comprehensive analytics, and secure data storage.

Objective :

Plezed aimed to provide organizations with a robust and customizable survey management system to gather valuable insights. The goal was to enhance the survey creation and response analysis process while ensuring data security and customization options.

Proposed Solution :

  1. User Authentication and Dashboard:
    • Secure login system for users.
    • Centralized dashboard displaying all surveys available.
  2. Forms Creation and Management:
    • Question Bank : Pre-saved questions for ease of use.
    • Customizable Questions: Multiple question types such as Text Answer, Multiple Choice, Bank Check, etc.
    • Media Support : Ability to embed images and videos for both questions and answers.
    • Encryption : Secure security questions with encrypted answers, accessible only with admin privileges.
    • Auto-Saving Feature : Surveys are auto-saved every 2 seconds, minimizing the risk of data loss.
  3. Form Customization :
    • Personalized Themes : Customizable themes including fonts, colors, background, and button styles.
    • Live Preview : Instant preview of form changes.
  4. Distribution and Sharing :
    • Multiple Channels : Forms can be shared via email, direct link, or QR code.
    • Customer Segmentation : Targeted sharing to selected customers or groups.
    • Flexible Sharing : Shared surveys from other companies can be further shared among customers.
  5. Response Analysis :
    • Visual Insights : View customer responses through pie charts, bar graphs, and donut charts.
    • Response Metrics : Track number of responses, questions answered, average submissions, and more.
    • Customer-wise Response Viewing : Viewing responses on customer basis, understanding individual customer preferences, trends, and feedback.
  6. Team Collaboration :
    • Role-based Access : Assign roles such as admin, leader, and team member with specific permissions.
    • Response Access : Authorized team members can view and analyze form responses.
  7. Customer Management :
    • Customer Database : Maintain a list of customers, add new entries, and import via Excel.
    • Customer Groups : Create and manage customer groups for targeted surveys.
    • View Permissions : Customers have the ability to change view permissions among companies.
  8. Partner Collaboration :
    • Invite Partners : Extend invitations to partners, categorizing them based on industries like Travel/Hospitality, eCommerce, etc.
    • Profile Display : Showcase organization profiles to potential partners within the platform.
  9. Organization Profile Management :
    • Profile Customization : Add organization details, logos, images, and descriptions.
    • Publishing Option : Option to publish profiles for partner visibility.
  10. Integrations :
    • Website Integration : Feed survey data directly into the organization's website for seamless data flow and analysis.
  11. Customer Experience :
    • User Profiles : Customers can log in to view their filled surveys and manage their profiles.

Results :

The implementation of the integrated management system for Track My Car revolutionized their operational efficiency. Key outcomes include:

  • Personalized Experience : Organizations can create customized surveys tailored to their requirements.
  • Data Security :Encrypted security questions and admin-only access ensure data integrity.
  • Efficient Management : Centralized dashboard for form creation, distribution, and response analysis.
  • Collaboration : Team members can collaborate effectively with assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • Integration Capabilities : Seamless integration with organization websites for real-time data updates.

Conclusion :

With Plezed, organizations gained a powerful survey management tool that not only simplified the process but also provided in-depth customization and analysis capabilities. The integration of customer portals and partnership management further enhanced the overall user experience, making Plezed a valuable asset for organizations seeking efficient survey solutions.