Track My Car

Comprehensive Management System

Client :

Track My Car GPS Tracking Service

Category :

Comprehensive Management System

Project Duration :

20 weeks

Comprehensive Management System for Track My Car GPS Tracking Service

Track My Car offers cutting-edge vehicle tracking solutions that integrate advanced GPS technology with adaptable mapping and reporting software. Through the installation of GPS-enabled Vehicle Tracking Devices on each vehicle, the company ensures precise data collection and transmission, enabling real-time insights accessible via a web-hosted application.

Case Study : Comprehensive Management System for Track My Car

System Overview :

  • SystemName : Track My Car
  • Industry : Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • Challenge : The need for an integrated system to manage various aspects including supply management, cost management, vehicle management, employee salary management, commission management, user management, and more.
  • Solution : Development of a multifaceted system addressing all specified requirements.

Objective :

To design and implement a comprehensive management system tailored for Track My Car that centralizes various operational facets, ensuring streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and improved management capabilities.

Proposed Solution :

  1. Customer Portal and Company Interface:
    • Allow customers to log in and access GPS installation details, historical data, and subscription-based payment management.
  2. Dashboard :
    • Provide a real-time dashboard for the company to monitor daily and monthly sales metrics, offering insights for informed decision-making.
  3. Installations Management :
    • Store comprehensive installation data including customer names, vehicle numbers, registration periods, fees, expiry dates, and active statuses.
    • Facilitate the addition and management of customer and company details, along with vehicle information.
  4. Stock Management :
    • Track and manage device inventory with details like IMEI numbers, purchase dates, models, categories, supplier information, costs, and prices.
    • Monitor SIM card inventory, including numbers, agent names, annual and monthly fees, associated vehicle numbers, and stock statuses.
  5. Customer Information Management :
    • Maintain a database of customer details such as names, emails, NIC/passport numbers, locations, addresses, contact numbers, and active statuses.
  6. Employee Data Management :
    • Store and manage employee profiles encompassing names, designations, emails, NIC/passport details, contact numbers, basic salaries, allowances, and active statuses.
  7. Employee Salary Management :
    • Record and track detailed salary information for employees, including basic salaries, allowances, EPF contributions, commissions, and gross salary calculations.
  8. Supplier and Purchase Order Management :
    • Maintain a comprehensive list of suppliers and track details of purchased orders, specifying supplier names, model quantities, total quantities, and monetary amounts.
  9. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Tracking :
    • Record and monitor GRN details, capturing information like dates, supplier names, GRN numbers, invoice numbers, quantities, total amounts, costs, customs duties, paid amounts, and payment statuses.
  10. User Management Settings :
    • Administer user management settings to control access and permissions, capturing user names, EMP numbers, emails, roles, and active statuses.
    • Generate profiles for new employees, incorporating essential details like name, designation, contact information, and employment-related information.
    • Facilitate the creation of new customer accounts with pertinent information such as name, contact details, and location.
  11. Expense and Financial Transaction Management:
    • Handle and track various financial transactions, including expenses, income, transfers, and maintain an updated cash book.

Results :

The implementation of the integrated management system for Track My Car revolutionized their operational efficiency. Key outcomes include:

  • Operational Efficiency : The integrated system streamlined supply chain processes, optimizing stock management and ensuring timely installations.
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction : The customer portal facilitated real-time GPS tracking information, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Improved Employee Oversight : Comprehensive employee management and salary tracking tools resulted in enhanced HR efficiency and transparency.
  • Financial Tracking : The system provided a robust financial tracking mechanism, ensuring accurate monitoring of expenses, income, and overall financial health.
  • Comprehensive Reporting : The system generated detailed reports on expenses, income, transfers, and other financial transactions, aiding in comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Supply Chain Optimization : Efficient supplier and GRN management led to a streamlined procurement process, minimizing delays and optimizing inventory control.
  • User-Friendly Interface : The intuitive interface of the system simplified user interactions, ensuring ease of use for employees across various roles.
  • Increased Accountability : Clear tracking of vehicle installations, stock movements, and financial transactions enhanced accountability across the organization.

Conclusion :

The Track My Car Management System successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a centralized platform for managing diverse aspects of their business. The system's features, from customer portal functionalities to financial and supply chain management tools, contributed to increased efficiency and improved overall business performance in the GPS tracking service industry.